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Do the effects of relics like the Vault Hunter's Relic stack in co-op?

Do the effects of relics like the Vault Hunter’s Relic, stack in co-op? The effect of the Vault Hunter’s Relic is +5% chance of enemies dropping rare loot. Will this +5% chance increase if more than one player in co-op mode equips the Vault Hunter’s Relic? If yes, how does it increase relative to the […]

Which explosive guns can cause critical hits?

When I wrote How do I use elemental effects in Borderlands 2? to the best of my knowledge Explosive guns couldn’t critical; I’ve tested this with “grenade” Assault Rifles, Gyrojet Tourge Assault Rifles and rocket launchers, none of which are able to score a critical (that I ever saw). When using a Tourge explosive Shotgun […]

What is the maximum level?

What is the maximum level in the game and how many skill points will I have at maximum level?

How do Goliath enemies work?

There is an Achievement for “Goliath, Meet David – Allowed a Goliath to level up four times before killing him” but I don’t know how Goliaths work to figure out how to do this. When I’ve come across them before, they seem to attack me until I behead them, then some weird shrunken head atop […]

How long is “a few seconds” for Kill Skills?

The Kill Skills in Borderlands 2, like BL1, all say they last “a few seconds” and don’t give explicit lengths. Since they’re not listed in the stats for the skill (as length for Kill Skills doesn’t increase) there’s no way to tell from the interface alone. Exactly how long do these skills last? Do they […]

Do Legendary drops only come from specific bosses?

From a Gearbox forum thread, legendary weapons drop from specific bosses in Borderlands 2. While this might make it easier to farm, it would be very useful to know if I can ever get legendary guns by normal, non-boss means. I have noticed extremely few legendary guns so far (two in >50 hours of gameplay, […]

How do I mark an inventory item as trash?

I noticed that while at a store, there is an option to “Sell Trash”. I figure it will be similar to Kingdoms of Amalur in that I can mark items as junk and sell them all in one simple action. Is this what it means to “Sell Trash?” How can I mark an item as […]

How do I know what manufacturer's parts are on a gun?

I’ve seen loading tips like “assault rifles with a Vladof barrel fire faster as you keep the trigger held”; this clearly refer to the “Spinigun” triple gatling barrel assault rifles. Aside from that and the Elemental accessory (which I believe is exclusively made by Maliwan) I don’t really know how to recognize which parts come […]

How to get to play-through 1 after starting vault hunter mode?

I have started playing through vault hunter mode (up to Sanctuary) in Borderlands 2, but I cannot access play-through 1. Whenever I press Continue from the main menu it just goes straight to play-through 2. Is there anyway to access play-through 1?

Does Multiplayer improve loot or just increase the amount of enemies and loot drops from them?

It’s generally understood that more people = better loot in general, but it seems like this is mostly due to more enemies appearing and more items dropped (IIRC in BL1 Crawmerax drops like 2x as much loot in two player vs one player). So is Chest and Quest loot totally unaffected? Are actual item drops […]

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