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Where is Jimmy Jenkins?

There is a strange challenge (“JEEEEENKINSSSSSS!!!” under “Miscellaneous”) that involves killing Jimmy Jenkins. Where is he?

Is there any increase in legendary drop rate with the True Vault Hunter mode or the Vault Hunter's Relic?

True Vault Hunter Mode I heard it gives better and more loot, so does that mean legendary? Vault Hunter’s Relic Says it increases rare drop rates, legendaries are rare, too… (heh)

What happens when I level up?

A notice on your first level says that health and damage increases with every level. By how much? Does it differ by class? And what else? Is it always one skill point per level? Do other stats change?

Is “+% chance” additive or multiplicative?

For items and Badass Tokens that boost things like Elemental Effect Rate (which is a % itself), is the added percent applied multiplicatively or additively? For example, the Siren’s skill that adds 5% elemental chance. If I get +5% chance and I use a gun with 5% chance to burn do I have 10% chance […]

Do any relics other than the Vault Hunter Relic boost Rare Item Chance?

With the preorder bonus I got the Vault Hunter Relic which gives +5% rare item chance. The problem with that is I have never and will never equip another relic unless it has a better rare item chance. So far (1/3rd of the way into playthrough 2) I’ve never seen another relic with + rare […]

Can I restart the story missions in True Vault Hunter Mode?

I started a new game on TVHM and got to where you meet Roland’s spy Mordecai. Then I went to test multiplayer and finished the game with the team I was in, it asked me something like “Do you want to skip all the missions you would do” and I didn’t understand it was saying […]

What are the different kinds of shrines and how do they work?

I’ve encountered an “Ammo Shrine” while playing through the ‘Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep’ DLC: How does it work? Also, are there other types of shrines in TTAoDK? If yes, what does each type of shrine do? It seems that at least two shrine effects can be had at the same time. How will […]

How can I beat Hyperius the invincible?

So two friends and I (2 sirens with Res, one gunzerker) have been trying to kill Hyperious for a couple hours. At best we could get him down to about 1/4th health. We have The Bee and the Conference call and we know to res each other, we know to stay spread out, but his […]

Can you get legendary weapons in Vending Machines?

Very similar to some vending machines in Borderlands 1 (There was a “secret” vending machine in New Haven that would have very high legendary spawn rates), can vending machines in Borderlands 2 spawn Legendary weapons? What affects their spawn rate? Level? Class?

What do you get when you complete bonus objectives (with the blue plus on it)?

Some missions / quests have a bonus task to complete. What are the advantages to completing this task before handing in my quest? Better loot? More money? Anything else?

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