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Is cross platform multiplayer possible?

As Borderlands 2 has been released on multiple platforms, would it be possible for me to play Borderlands 2 on PC with a friend that is playing on a PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 or is it only possible to play with people on the same platform?

How do I do the infinite ammo glitch?

A glitch or exploit that I often see in speed-runs somehow makes it so that weapons don’t cost ammo to fire. How do they do that?

Is there a viable way of completing Ultimate Vault Hunter mode by yourself?

Since the update I’ve attempted to play the new mode but am not doing so well. I have an assassin specialized mainly into the Cunning tree and partially into the Bloodshed side. With my current build I can’t even get passed the W4R-DEN with leads me to believe co-op is almost a necessary requirement to […]

How do I recover a lost Borderlands 2 game?

In Borderlands 2 on PS3, I tried starting a new game to see what it was like playing as another class, but didn’t like having to start from scratch. So, I tried to go back to my original levelled up character – and discovered I was stuck in the new game. I recovered my original […]

Can't level up after level-50 in borderlands 2 in True vault hunter mode

I am currently playing the Borderlands 2 game in True vault hunter mode. I am at 50th level. I have observed that I am no more being leveled up by killing enemies or by completing missions. What could be the reason? Thanks

Can I transfer my PC characters to my Mac?

I was hopeful that I’d be able to download and boot up Borderlands 2 on my mac this morning to the grand sight of all the characters I’d created on the PC version happily waiting for me. Unfortunately, that was not the case. Edit: the offical word from Aspyr is that steam cloud sync between […]

Under what conditions does loot despawn?

I have found that when my bags get full and I need to vendor loot I can sometimes leave loot on the ground and return to it. Other times it seems to disappear almost instantly once I leave the area. Is the loot despawn time based, based on my distance from the dropped loot, or […]

How do I get dwarves drunk?

In the Tiny Tina DLC “The Beard Makes the Man” quest, the objectives are (1) Crush five drunk dwarves, (2) Pick up five beards, and (3) Get five dwarves drunk. (The last one’s optional.) I found the miner dwarves in the mine on the minimap, but they won’t follow me into the crusher machine. How […]

How is extra damage done by explosive weapon calculated?

I noticed that the weapons that deal explosive damage often deal far more damage then the base damage of the gun. As an example; i currently have an explosive pistol with 163 as its base damage, however when i shoot enemies it often does 334-364 damage and rarely 163. How does that explosive bonus damage […]

Where are the corrosive weapons at?

I’m a Siren and I’m getting almost nothing but Fire elemental guns; about 90% of guns have been fire, most of the rest Explosive and a scare few Shock. Are the elemental varieties more common at different levels? I’ve seen zero corrosive/shock guns so far. I’m level 12 at the moment.

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