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Do skills or items that increase fire rate also affect melee attack speed? (e.g. Krieg the Psycho's Buzz Axe Rampage)

I noticed that Krieg the Psycho has a skill that increases Fire Rate (Embrace the Pain), on the Mania skill tree (which focuses on improving the Buzz Axe Rampage action skill). Embrace the Pain increases Fire Rate when the shields are down. I am wondering if the Buzz Axe Rampage attack speed (both melee and […]

Can I shoot through Deathtrap?

Due to Deathtrap’s love of melee attacks and extreme speed, he very often blocks one or more targets from my sight. Can I shoot through him and damage enemies? I tried a few times and while I confirmed I’m not hurting Deathtrap I couldn’t tell if my bullets can actually go through his model or […]

Where are all the purple eridium totems?

As mentioned in this question, I’ve been finding eridium totems while playing through Sir Hammerlock’s Big Game Hunt. By now I believe we’ve found 4 totems and dumped nearly 100 eridium into them, but there seem to be more to go. Where are all the eridium totems located? Map(s) are ideal.

What is a Blocked mission?

I’ve got some missions in a special Blocked section in my quests list. I can’t start them at all. What are Blocked missions? Can I complete a Blocked mission if I join a game where the Host can complete the mission? Will it count as completed for me too?

Where can I store items?

Are there places to safely save overflow inventory/stuff? I saw I can expand “bank” storage from Crazy Earl, but where is the bank, and what can I store there? How much? Are there multiple locations?

Is the Tech Pool still present in Borderlands 2?

One of the hardest to grasp aspects of Borderlands 1 was the Tech pool. It was a pool of points that elemental “procs” cost. Confusingly this gameplay feature was never directly referred to in the game and it made understanding elemental weapons very complicated (and hard to explain). A key point was that there were […]

How much shield does Phalanx Shield provide for Axton's turret?

Unlocking the ability “Phalanx Shield” grants a +1 shield to each Sabre turret. I’m curious as to how much damage each “shield” can take? Is it dependent on the player’s shield? Or is it a set amount that scales with each player’s level? Furthermore, if you unlock the ability Gemini Turret, that grants double turrets, […]

How many times can you get Moxxi's Good/Bad Touch weapon?

Possible spoiler: if you tip Moxxi $15k, she’ll either give you Moxxi’s Good Touch or Moxxi’s Bad Touch. Does anyone know how many times you can tip her to get the weapon? FYI: I tipped her $15 at level 11 and got a level 11 Bad Touch, then I tipped her again at level 15 […]

Shotgun and Launcher undiscovered challenges

I want to get the “Challenge Accepted” achievement, but Shotgun and Launcher categories show an (undiscovered) challenge each.

I have hit level 50 and the game is dropping level 50 guns. Are these guns as good as they get?

I have finally hit the level cap in Borderlands 2 during the Data Mining story mission. Now the golden chest gives level 50 items, the slot machines in Sanctuary give level 50 items, Moxxi have me a level 50 Good Touch and the various containers around Badlands and Sanctuary are level 50. Is this it? […]

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