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How to deal with enemies with full-body shields?

It turns out that in Borderlands 2 some enemies have shields, like Nomads and BUL Loaders. Some shields have minions on it, some have spikes, most are impervious to all damage and bad news in general. Sometimes those enemies will open themselves up to damage, but I can’t figure out how to do so reliably […]

Do Sirens get any bonus out of Explosive weapons?

Sirens get bonus Elemental Effect chance but Explosive weapons appear to ignore “chance” and always deal explosive damage. None of the Siren’s skills appear to (directly) effect explosives. Is there any benefit for Sirens when using Explosive weapons? In Borderlands 1 Sirens’ “elemental effect chance” actually improved your “proc pool” which meant you could deal […]

Does an Inflammable Psycho burn?

Krieg has some interesting new skills, including the Hellborn tree that revolves around setting yourself on fire. What happens if I am wearing an inflammable shield like Since I would be immune to burn damage, would I still catch fire from self immolating skills? If so, would I burn but take no damage? Or does […]

Do critical hit bonuses from the Sniping tree apply to melee attacks?

For example, Headshot simply increases Critical Hit damage. Do I get this bonus on my melee attacks? What about the other skills in the sniper tree? In other places, it specifies melee or ranged attacks.

How do extremely low accuracy levels work?

With Gaige’s Anarchy skill it’s entirely possible to gain a -100% or greater accuracy penalty. Borderlands’ accuracy was always sort of funny so 0% accuracy (which I think was possible with Sledge’s Shotgun) didn’t quite mean “your bullets can literally go anywhere”. So in Borderlands 2 what happens with extremely low accuracy values, below 0%? […]

Is there any reason not to farm Terramorphous on Normal mode?

We just confirmed that Terramorphous is significantly harder on True Vault Hunter Mode, however his drops appeared to be pretty much identical. (For reference he has significantly less health and summons less tentacles). Roughly the same number of each rarity of item, still level 50 in both modes. Aside from completing the mission for that […]

Are all of Terramorphous' Class Mod drops the same?

When farming Terramorphous last night we found that he exclusively dropped orange Class Mods with nearly identical effects (he dropped other loot, but the orange loot was always a single mod, every time). All of these had +4 to 6 different skills, and +20% to 25% Burn damage and Burn Effect Chance, and + some […]

How do the dice loot chests work?

In the ‘Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep’ DLC, dice chests have been introduced: I reckon the result of the dice roll decides the rarity of the loot the chest contains. How does it work? Which numbers dictate which loot rarity (or chance of getting rarer loot) a chest contains?

How did I get the “What does it mean?” achievement?

I was in The Highlands and just got the “What does it mean?” achievement. Followed by Handsome Jack hilariously reenacting the popular “Double Rainbow” viral video in a monologue. I have NO idea what triggered this. I was in an area I had been to several times today doing quests and other randomness. What triggered […]

How does auto-pickup work?

The feature that auto-picks up money and ammo is neat, but seems very inconsistent; sometimes I auto-pick up money and ammo that I need, sometimes I have to manually pick items up. I’m talking about the feature that collects without a button press, not the long-press action that picks up all “minor loot” in the […]

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