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How to skip Decepti0n initiation animation?

When Zer0 the Assassin activates Decepti0n (his Action Skill), he points with his left hand, as if throwing/directing his decoy. One may not shoot or perform a mêlée attack during this animation. However, activating Decepti0n while aiming down sights skips the hand initation animation completely while still activating Decepti0n. What are all of ways by […]

Does one elemental damage type stack on itself?

If I have a fire SMG and trigger the burn damage, can the fire dot be triggered multiple times so it stacks with itself?

How does “Bonus Elemental Damage” work?

Maliwan weapons often have “Bonus Elemental Damage” listed in their attributes. I’m not entirely sure what to make of this; does it just refer to the listed elemental effect damage, which is presumably higher than it would otherwise be, or does elemental damage from these guns deal even further damage beyond the listed stat due […]

Does throwing Krieg the Psycho's axe when Buzz Axe Rampaging count as melee?

A lot of Krieg the Psycho’s skills (especially in the Mania tree) allow him to deal bonus melee damage. I am wondering if skills that increase melee damage affect the Buzz Axe Rampage action skill when the axe is thrown (hold right-click, then left-click, by default on the PC). Also, what about items? Will Maylay […]

Is there a quick way to determine if I already have a skin customization?

As I am finding more skin customizations for my current character, alternate charters, and various vehicles, I’m finding it hard to keep track of what I already have and don’t have. If I’ve already got a skin, I’d rather sell or trade it – but I haven’t found an easy way to tell if I […]

My True Vault Hunter Mode is Bugged

This is my first post here. I was playing with my friend the other day on my TVHM and decided I wanted to go solo. After rejoining my own solo game, I ended up in the first area with Claptrap outside without his eye. At first, I was confused and tried to use the fast […]

If I don't like a quest reward can I pick a different one?

Certain Unique quest reward items are really only good if they have certain attributes like special elements. Earlier I got Moxxie’s Kiss of Death but I really wanted a Shock one. Is there any way to re-roll the attributes of a quest reward?

Can I restart a side mission?

I did a mission where I had to kill this insect and take its sample back to the man in Sanctuary. The insect died high in the air and dropped the item I need atop a glacier (there is no way to get it). What am I supposed to do? Can I restart a side […]

What exact locations are covered by Arctic Explorer?

I want the Arctic Explorer achievement but, best I can tell, I’ve explored every part of every map in Three Horns (divide/valley), The Fridge and Tundra Express. Are there some other “arctic” maps like Southern Shelf included in this? I’m puzzled as to how I am missing this one. All the maps appear to be […]

Can I start a new game in Borderlands 2 but use an old character?

I have a character I made with a friend playing 2player. I want to know if I could start a new single player game and import that existing leveled up character with equipment into the new game like you could in borderlands 1.

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