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How do I set my level, unlocked weapon equip slots and playthrough mode?

I would like to play with the same level and questlines as my friend’s characters, which are mostly Level 30+ and in True Vault Hunter Mode, but some of my characters that I’d like to play are in a low level and are not yet in True Vault Hunter Mode. I would also like to […]

Do bosses or boss encounters respawn?

Is it possible to return to a point of a boss fight or encounter and redo the fight after you’ve completed the associated quests? Would certainly make farming for good items much easier.

What do the extra words next to players name and level mean?

When playing co-op, next to most but not all (or everyone’s sometimes) status (name, level, class) there is another word. Like Contemptible Killer, Shadow Ninja, Specialist, Sniper, Fox, Witch, etc. The one next to your name also appears down next to your own level/XP bar. It doesn’t change for a person often, but will occasionally. […]

What does Mad Moxxi's tip jar in Sanctuary do?

What does Mad Moxxi’s tip jar in Sanctuary do? You can tip her either $100 or $1000.

Fast leveling and easy experience farming

What is the sweet spot for experience gain? Is it more effective to fight the highest level enemies I can find, or am I penalized for being out of my depth? Are certain areas of the game better/best for experience gain/leveling? Are bosses better than areas with infinite minions? Would I get exp faster in […]

How do subsequent playthroughs work?

In Borderlands 1 the second playthrough had a “playthrough 2.5” once you beat The Destroyer, which changed the game so enemies (and most mission rewards) scaled to your level. Because of this it was best to play only story missions until beating the Destroyer so mission loot would be the best loot possible. How do […]

When should I start the DLC?

I’m late to the Borderlands 2 party, but I picked up the Season Pass for a steal. I’m still only in the teens as far as my level is concerned. However, there are now 3 DLC packs out and I’ve got them all installed. Sometimes it’s tempting to go away from the main quest and […]

How do I use elemental effects in Borderlands 2?

As a Siren and Elemental Gun user I’d like to know exactly when to use each type of elemental effect. What are the elements in Borderlands 2? What damage bonuses does each have? When should I use each element? What Damage Over Time effects are there and what special effects do they have? How long […]

How do I begin playing DLC?

DLC in the first game was handled by having quests automatically added to the quest log. After downloading Captain Scarlett, I continued my existing game and found that I didn’t have any new quests in either my first or second playthrough. How do you begin the Captain Scarlett DLC, or any of the other DLC?

How does mission progress work in multiplayer?

In the first Borderlands, I got quite frustrated with the confusing affects multiplayer had on my character in singleplayer. Many times, someone in my party got a message saying they were ineligible for a quest and that they would not get credit for it. Eventually, we all decided to make characters that we would all […]

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