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What is the Golden Chest?

I found a Golden Chest in Sanctuary. It says it costs one Golden Key to open it. Should I open this chest? What’s in it?

What's the deal with the new rarity level in the Captain Scarlett DLC?

I heard Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate’s Booty has a new rarity level; something pinkish? How will I recognize the new guns, and how do I find them?

How does experience work in co-op?

Exp & drops Is experience gain individual, divided/split between players, or duplicated for each additional co-op player? If so, do you get experience for others’ work when you aren’t in the same area of the map? Do all players get the same quest rewards? How are experience, difficulty, and item/money drops affected for each additional […]

Collecting all skins and customizations

I found several class and vehicle skin upgrades/customizations/unlocks, e.g.: Do they carry between games? Do some always drop in the same locations? Do they always appear in the same places or after the same quests? If so, what and where are all of them? What do I need to know to collect the whole list?

How do I get a Seraph Crystal?

There’s someone much like Crazy Earl in Oasis behind a locked door. He tells me to leave until I’ve killed a seraph guardian or I get some sort of guardian crystal. I just beat the DLC and did many of the sidequests and I’m still stumped as to how to get such a crystal. I […]

Where can I find more Eridium?

I got a pop-up saying I can find it in missions, enemies, and treasure chests. Are all Eridium spawns random? Does the Eridium supply have a cutoff? Do certain chests or enemies in certain areas/locations always drop Eridium? Can I reduce the Eridium costs at Crazy Earl’s/the Black Market to maximize the Eridium I do […]

Where are all of the hidden vault symbols for the “Cult of the Vault” challenges?

There are a few “hidden Vault Symbols” in each area. Where exactly are all of them, and are there any telling signs when you’re close by?

What kinds of things can I win by gambling?

What kinds of things can I win by playing the slots in Moxxi’s and what combinations payout?

How do Badass Tokens work?

After completing some challenges, I’ve noticed I have some unspent Badass tokens on the Badass Rank tab. The description text says: Complete challenges to earn Customization items and Badass Ranks. Badass ranks earn you tokens which can be spent on permanent character upgrades that apply to ALL characters associated with your gamer profile. How do […]

How long do elemental damage effects last?

Elemental damage effects (e.g., explosive, shock/electrocute, corrosive/poison, incendiary/fire/burn, slag) usually come in a “Dmg/Sec” format. Do these effects have a standard length once triggered? Is it affected by fire rate or other attributes? Similarly, how long do grenades that “continually damage enemies” within the grenade’s “area of influence” work their magic? Can this time value […]

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