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Which is better: side quests after killing the warrior or Playthrough 2?

My question is, once I beat the warrior should I do all the sidequests in Normal before starting TVHM or should I go right to TVHM once it becomes available? I just bought the game and have been playing with some friends who are higher level than me so that we could enjoy the Tiny […]

How to solo Pyrocaustic Pete the Invincible?

Is he possible to beat solo? Getting through his shield is the easy part but how would you damage his actual health? He is resistant to both fire and corrosive so those are out of the question. I don’t see how he can be beaten.

What level will I be on Borderlands 2 after completing the main game and all DLC?

I have just completed Borderlands 2 main campaign and all of the side quests (except for the infamous Terrormorphus) and am sat at level 35. I am aiming to hit level 50, and feel that instead of just grinding through TVHM I might enjoy playing the DLC instead (I will be getting this either way). […]

What are all of the named locations?

Several achievements require visiting every “named location”: What are the named locations in Three Horns, Tundra Express, Frostburn Canyon, Sanctuary, Opportunity, Lynchwood, The Highlands, Thousand Cuts, Wildlife Exploitation Preserve, Eridium Blight, Arid Nexus, Sawtooth Cauldron, and any other places required for their five achievements (“Arctic Explorer”, “Urban Explorer”, “Highlands Explorer”, “Blight Explorer”, and “World Traveler”)? […]

What is the optimal Melee build for Zero?

Zero has two diametrically opposed ways of being built. You see this throughout his talents. I want to specifically focus on a Melee build, and I was looking for the optimal talent/weapon combination to pull this off.

Are there Rare Drops in Captain Scarlett?

After completing the DLC I’ve become aware that the new rarity level items can only be purchased (with a special currency). I didn’t notice any oranges (period) while playing, particularly new oranges, though I noticed a few unique (probably common) drops from bosses. Are there any rare (legendary/orange) drops in the Captain Scarlett DLC or […]

Will playing the Torgue slots yield me a net benefit?

Since the Torgue slots in the Mr. Torgue DLC cost rare Torgue Tokens, I’m wondering if my expected value for them is above zero; e.g. if I play a million times, statistically am I likely to have more or less Torgue Tokens than when I started with? I know I’ll get guns and stuff, but […]

Borderlands 2, skin and head problems?

I am having problem with the skins and head customization. I have got new heads and skins that are universal (like the Minecraft) and one’s for my class and even unlocked heads. It says I unlocked it but everytime I go to change my skin/head, the items don’t show up on the list. How can […]

What is this purple eridium totem?

While playing through Sir Hammerlock’s Big Game Hunt (DLC3), I stumbled upon two of these weird looking purple shrines that take large amounts of eridium. What do they do? Do you have to activate all of them to work or what?

What gameplay effects change in multiplayer?

So I know loot is allegedly better in co-op play and enemies are tougher. But I’ve noticed certain other things change gameplay-wise. Most noticeably, in co-op play I can Phaselock an Ion Loader through their sphere shield; in single player Phaselock doesn’t affect Loaders behind the shield. Are there other changes to gameplay mechanics beyond […]

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