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How can I contact blizzard support without login to my account

I tried to login to Diablo 3 and get a message stating wrong password. I reset my password, but when I enter the password I remember, it says that I can’t use the same password with existing password. Then I change password to a different password anyway. I tried to login again and the authenticator […]

Choosing a BattleTag, how is it used?

To play Diablo 3, you have to choose a BattleTag. Blizzard says the name will represent me on battle.net. I already have an account name for Starcraft 2, and I’m wondering if I should use the same name for the BattleTag. On the one hand, I’d would be nice to have the same name for […]

SC2 keeps asking for authenticator code (new 'intelligent' login feature not working anymore)

I’m using Blizzard Authenticator and Starcraft II login screen prompts me each time to enter the code. Everything would appear to be fine, unfortunately it isn’t: Blizzard recently announced that they have updated the authentication system to intelligently track login locations and, if one is consistently connecting from the same place, may not be asked […]

Is it possible to run more than one Battle.Net game at the same time on different PCs?

I already own Starcraft 2 and, therefore, a Battle.Net account. But I’m not playing it very often, so I let a friend of mine use it. If I buy Diablo 3 (which I intend to do) and bind it to this very same Battle.Net account, will we be able, my friend an I, to run […]

Will I be demoted to a lower league in Starcraft 2 if I don't play?

I’ve just been promoted from platinum league to diamond and master pretty fast (in 4 vs 4). This was totally amazing for me but I’m afraid I will be demoted again to a lower league as fast as I came higher. If I don’t play any 4 vs 4 anymore, will they demote me to […]

Are the original Starcraft 2 WoL and HotS DVDs still useful for installing the game?

It’s been many years since those games came out, and in preparation for Legacy of the Void I’d like to replay the whole series. However, the Battle.net application is quoting me a ~20 GB download which is quite a lot for my internet connection. I’m also aware that the games have been heavily patched since […]

Is it possible to transfer a Diablo 3 key to another Battle.net account?

I have a friend that purchased Diablo 3, played it, finished it, and doesn’t care to play with others. He is no longer interested in the game. Now he is willing to sell me his copy for a fraction of the price. From browsing the web a little bit, something tells me I won’t be […]

Where can I find the Official list of current Battle.net chat commands?

Battle.net supports a number of chat commands. For example: /w USERID Hello UserId! sends “Hello UserId!” to that user. I’d like to see the current list of commands now that Starcraft 2 has come out, so that I can learn any changes, additions, or anything specific to Starcraft 2. I have been able to find […]

Changing default Battle.net store region

I already have a Battle.net account with European SCII on it. I want to pre-purchase Diablo III—it’s €59,99 in our region, but $59.99 in the US region (cheaper). You can play in any region no matter where you bought the game, so I want to buy the US version. When I try to get into […]

Why is StarCraft 2 divided by regions?

I live in Argentina, but I love to get all my stuff (be it games, tv series, movies, etc) in English. Battle.net will only let me select one region, which by default is Latin America, that has only Spanish and Portuguese (not to mention that I only get to play with users in the same […]

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