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When can I get Eirena's conversations for the Secret of Ages achievement?

Is there a complete list of Eirena’s talk options needed for the achievement, and the most convenient time to do each?

Are there any handy tricks for ousting insane AI opponents?

Been trying to get the achievement for ‘defeat 7 insane AI in a free for all’ and it turned out that all the other AI were eliminated by each other, but the last one was just freaking ridiculous. Given that it’s AI and not a player the bag of tricks is going to be limited, […]

When can I get Covetous Shen's conversations for the Everybody Loves Shen achievement?

The achievement says to “Listen to all of the Jeweler’s conversations.” Because Shen’s conversations seem to change quite frequently, it seems like it would be easy to miss a lot of these, so I’d like to know when Shen’s conversations first become available and if and when they become unavailable. Of special note now is […]

What are the secret achievements in Cave Story+ (PC/Steam), and how do I get them?

I found Curly’s panties in Cave Story+, and got a secret achievement. Checking the global achievements page, I discovered there are a lot of other hidden achievements (the ones that have no descriptions), as well as some non-hidden achievements with very cryptic descriptions (like “Merry Holiday Happy Euphemism”). What are these achievements and how do […]

How do I unlock the hidden character “The Lost”?

In the Binding of Isaac: Rebirth, how do you unlock The Lost? I saw a video of someone dying with certain characters in certain places but i dont know where and how. This is my reference video

How can I find the ancient device with less searching?

I have found the ancient device maybe 7 times and seen 5 of the outcomes. To see all 10 for the Wheel of Misfortune achievement and to find all the locations for the Nooks and Crannies achievement, you need to find this thing quite often. I’ve spent hours of farming Desolate Sands and it barely […]

What are and how do I earn Feats of Strength in StarCraft 2

On the bottom of the achievements menu is an option for Feats of Strength. When I click this option, the window it brings up is entirely blank, but does have a drop down filter at the top. Are Feats of Strength hidden achievements? If not what exactly are they? How do I go about earning […]

Where do the enemies for the unique enemy achievements spawn?

For the achievement Never Seen That Before, you need to kill one of the listed unique enemies. For the achievement Special Snowflakes, you need to kill 15 of these same listed unique enemies. For the achievement A Unique Collection, you need to kill all of these listed unique enemies. Where are they usually found (what […]

What are the secret achievements in Super Meat Boy?

Super Meat Boy has just been updated with new achievements, and though they are listed on the steam achievements page, they have no accompanying text on how to unlock them.\ The original secret achievements, the so-called cryptic, glitched achievements have already been identified elsewhere on this site. Some, such as the “Rare, Medium, Medium Well, […]

Which Daedric Artifacts are missable by killing someone?

In my last save, when I was an orc, I unlocked all Daedric artifacts, except two. I could not get the “Sanguine Rose”, and I read somewhere it was because I killed a women out of Whiterun by the name of Ysolda. I had the drinking contest with Sam, and I did not black out. […]

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