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How do I achieve “Smash TV”?

Which eleven monitors do I have to break to obtain the Smash TV achievement? I’m assuming it’s the monitors that appear throughout Chapter 8? But, having just run through Chapter 8 and trying to get this, I’ve just counted 14 monitors (and only managed to break 8 of them so far). Have I miscounted? Are […]

What is a Double Perfect?

I recently noticed an achievement in Runner2 called “Double Perfectionist”. The text says I need to: Get two Double Perfects in Each World Problem is, I have no idea what a Double Perfect is, let alone how to get one. What is a Double Perfect, and how do I get one?

What is the criteria of “Foxiest of all Hounds”?

The Achievement text is: Complete Deus Ex: Human Revolution without setting off any alarms. But what alarms are counted? If I throw a box to lure away a guard and put them in “alarmed” mode, does that already count? Or does it only count security cameras and lasers?

Where is the Portrait of a Lady achievement?

Where do I need to go in Portal 2 to get the Portrait of a Lady achievement? I thought it would’ve been the portrait of Chell I found (the one that was on the cover of the comic) but that apparently was not it.

What are the hidden achievements in XCOM: Enemy Unknown?

Steam lists the game as having 60 achievements, but only ~38 actually show up in the achievement list to start with. What “secret” achievements are there, and what are the requirements to unlock them?

Do “Bodies Found” Count Against Ghosting?

Does anyone know if an enemy discovering the body of one of his sleeping comrades counts against you for a “Ghost” run? i.e. Not if they get any bolts in the ‘detected’ meter over their head, but if they just see the fellow thug/guard/etc and say something like “Hey! Wake up!”. I was just wondering […]

Statistics refresh rate

In which rate are the statistics being refreshed? Do all of the stats refresh at the same rate? I’m observing that statistics don’t refresh in fixed periods and different stats have different refresh periods. Did you observe the same thing, too? If not, does anyone know the exact rates and stat refresh types/modes? Update: I’m […]

Where can I most efficiently buy all items for the “Shut up and take my money” achievement?

The “Shut up and take my money” Achievement requires that you buy one of each item from merchants. There are a lot of items on the list that my class doesn’t use, and I am unfamiliar with. Is there one vendor, or a short list of vendors I can go to in order to buy […]

How high must a cliff be to fly a pig off of it?

How high does the cliff have to be in order to obtain the Minecraft achievement? Are there any other requirements? I’ve trapped a pig, saddled it, and am digging away around the enclosure to create a ‘cliff’…

How do I beat medium AI in 5 minutes?

I would like to get ‘beat medium AI in 5 minutes’ achievement. Usually I am playing as terran. Is there special SMALL (TINY) map for that? What is strategy for that? Should I build 1st barrack on opponents base? Should I play some special race against another special? Any thoughts are welcome. Thanks.

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