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Where can I find Report from Wortham and Villager's Journal?

I (and it seems like a lot of other people) am missing two quest lore reports for an achievement: “Report from Wortham” (the first) and “Villager’s Journal” (the last). Where can I find them? By the way, someone here says that the Villager’s journal can only be found in the Lyceum, a dungeon which currently […]

Punching Diablo?

One of the Diablo 3 achievements simply says “Punch Diablo.” How exactly does one achieve this? Is it a matter of removing all weapons, or is it a class/skill-based feat?

Shotgun and Launcher undiscovered challenges

I want to get the “Challenge Accepted” achievement, but Shotgun and Launcher categories show an (undiscovered) challenge each.

How can I delete PS3 trophies?

The demo for Super Stardust HD added its trophy list to my PS3. I don’t plan on buying that game and don’t want to see its list of trophies for the rest of my life. Any way to delete them? Update: you can vote for this feature on the Playstation.Blog Share site.

Can I get credit for lewd gestures at people who are already trying to kill me?

In Saints Row 3, one of the Saintsbook challenges (and an achievement) is taunting gang members. I can go around and taunt enemy gang members, but I only seem to get a popup (and credit in the Saintsbook) when I make suggestive gestures towards gang members who weren’t already angry with me. Is there any […]

What's the quickest way to get all of the achievements in StarCraft 2?

As the title says, are there any shortcuts to getting all of the achievements in the game (preferably without cheesing through games, etc.)?

What are all the Secret Achievements in Fruit Ninja?

What are all the Secret Achievements in Fruit Ninja? I’ve been playing for a while but only got the one for getting a score of 99.

Where do the Act 5 Unique monsters spawn for the Special Assignment / Irreplaceable You achievements?

It looks like there is a great list for acts 1-4 here: Where do the enemies for the unique enemy achievements spawn? However, I couldn’t find a list for the new Act 5 achievements added in Reaper of Souls.

How to make Steam not count some games towards “Avg. Game Completion Rate”?

In Steam, some of the Showcases show the Avg. Game Completion Rate. This takes into account the percentage of achievements you have in average of all your games. Is there any way to make it not count some games? Sometimes you install games (specially free ones) and find them quite boring and stop playing them. […]

Do turrets and robots killing enemies count for the Pacifist achievement?

The pacifist achievement text says: Complete Deus Ex: Human Revolution without anyone dying by your hand. (Boss fights don’t count.) What about me hacking a security system and setting turrets/robots to kill enemies? Does that count as “by my hand”? On a related note, does knocking and and dropping the guy from the roof in […]

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