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Is it possible to get the “Catch” achievement on PC?

While looking around for information on other achievements, I’ve found this one that doesn’t show up in the Steam achievements list. Thinking that it was a “secret” achievement, I’ve tried to do as said in the comments, throwing a remote batarang to Azrael. He caught it, but no achievement popped up. Am I missing something? […]

Will giving Windmill a gun disqualify me for the Pacifist achievement?

Reprogrammed turrets which kill people will disqualify you for the pacifist achievement, so I’m forced to wonder if giving Windmill a gun will result in the same thing. If I give Windmill a gun, will it disqualify me from the pacifist achievement?

What is the full list of log entries in Anno 2070?

In Anno 2070, you can collect “log entries”, small hints and tips for new players. When you have collected all of them, you get a secret achievement “Training Completed”. However, I cannot find a full list of log entries (and directions on how to get them) anywhere, not even on the Anno 2070 wiki. Does […]

Are puppet cities counted towards the limit of 3 imposed by the “Bollywood” achievement in Civilization V?

Bollywood As Gandhi, win a cultural victory with 3 or fewer cities in your empire. Do puppet cities count towards this limit or not? I’d assume they probably are (since you do get culture from Puppet cities), but it would be nice to know.

Civilization 5 Elizabeth-specific achievement domain?

The achievement specifically tied to Elizabeth (that’s the English) is as follows: Ruler of the Seas As Elizabeth, sink and destroy 357 enemy naval units, across any number of playthroughs. So my question is: do embarked land units count as naval units towards this total?

Does killing in the opening sequence count against the Pacifist achievement?

In Deus Ex: Human Revolution, is it possible to get the pacifist achievement even if one kills enemies in the opening sequence? Boss fight kills do not count against the achievement, so I’m wondering if the same applies to the start of the game since you have fewer tools at your disposal.

Is using Steam Achievement Manager (SAM) against Steam rules?

First off, I’ll give some background on why I’m asking this: I enjoy Steam achievement hunting, so I have no intention of unlocking all achievements. However, there are several games (E.g. Spiral Knights) where I have every achievement but one. This wouldn’t bother me, except these achievements are no longer achievable due to changes in […]

How to get the “Better Off Dead” achievement in Plants vs. Zombies

The “Better Off Dead” achievement can be completed if you get a streak of 10 in “I, Zombie Endless”. I understand that much. This mode is really hard and I cannot get my streak near 10 games in a row, although I cannot put my finger on my main mistakes. I am happy if I […]

Is there a mission timer in StarCraft II?

I’m working on some of the achievements in the single-player Wings Of Liberty campaign. Several of them are in the form of “Complete the mission in X minutes or less”. Is there any in-game way I can see how much time has elapsed since I started the mission, or will I have to keep track […]

Which postcard is needed for the achievement “Shoplifting”?

There is an achievement in The Cave called “Shoplifting”. The achievement text says: Saw a postcard stolen from the Gift Shop. I assumed it meant the postcard you could pick up from the Postcard Display next to the Gift Shop Clerk. However, I took the postcard from said display, carried it around with me for […]

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