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How do I get the Midnight Launch achievement?

The description for the achievement Midnight Launch is In mission 2, get significant air in the warthog at midnight. Is “midnight” supposed to refer to a location in the level, or do I actually have to do it at real life midnight local time? What exactly do I have to do to get it?

Do you keep campaign achievements earned during an unfinished mission in StarCraft 2?

Thus far every time I have earned a campaign achievement in StarCraft 2 I have also finished its associated campaign mission. This is fine when playing a mission for the first time but on subsequent replays I’d rather just earn the achievement and then quit the mission. Which leads me to my question: if you […]

Ruler of the Seas, how to do it?

How do I sink a million ships? Well, not a million, 357 for the achievement? What is a good setup? I set up a huge archipelago game with epic game length and raging barbarians… but ships still aren’t spawning very fast, and I imagine it’ll probably take 3-4 run-throughs to get the achievement. Any suggestions?

Which achievements can be permanently lost in Skyrim?

My goal is to get all the Skyrim achievements with a single character. I got many of them already by simply playing along and completing certain quest lines. I discovered today that it is possible to take some perfectly normal actions that will stop you from completing an achievement. In my case it is missing […]

What's the minimum required number of playthroughs needed to get all trophies/achievements?

I’m the type of person who likes to get all the trophies/achievements when playing games. Setting out to play Mass Effect 3, which is probably a rather long game, I’d wish to get all trophies/achievements on my first playthorugh, although I don’t know if that’s possible. Can you get all trophies/achievements for Mass Effect 3 […]

Do removed games still count towards Achievements Status on Steam?

I already know that it doesn’t count any games with 0 achievements, but I’ve deleted some games with unlocked achievements from my Steam profile using help.steampowered.com. I want to know if these removed games still count to the Avg. Game Completion Rate for my profile. Some more information from this question.

“Professor Portal” achievement in Portal 2

I achieved almost all of Portal 2 achievements, except “Still Alive” and “Professor Portal”. The first one is not a big problem but second one is, since my steam friends who have Portal 2 have already played co-op. One way to achieve this is to play with random player and become their friend, however, I’m […]

Is there any achievement related to Whimsyshire?

To get to the Happy Rainbow Unicorn Candy Land we have to go through the time-consuming and expensive construction of the Staff of Herding. Is there any in-game recognition of our effort, in form of an Achievement or Feat of Strength, or our only reward is getting to that creepy place infested with the Virus […]

Walked the Path trophy on New Game+?

I completed The Witcher 3 on “Blood and Broken Bones” difficulty and want to try for “Death March” using my current gear (thankfully NG+ came along). Am I still eligible for the trophy for completing the game on “Death March” even though I’m carrying over gear from a lower difficulty playthrough?

How did I get the “What does it mean?” achievement?

I was in The Highlands and just got the “What does it mean?” achievement. Followed by Handsome Jack hilariously reenacting the popular “Double Rainbow” viral video in a monologue. I have NO idea what triggered this. I was in an area I had been to several times today doing quests and other randomness. What triggered […]

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