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Does accomplishments progress carry across multiple playthroughs?

Mass Effect 3 has several “Do X Y times” accomplishments for example, the “Bruiser” accomplishment which requires a certain number of melee kills. Do these accomplishments require me to complete all of these action on one playthorugh or does it stack between multiple saves? If progress does carry over between playthoughs, do I need to […]

Why doesn't Blowin' in the Wind's count update?

Why doesn’t the achievement Blowin’ in the wind update? I keep breaking objects with Whirlwind but alas nothing happens on the count. Could the objects be specific or is it only updated once or day? Does anyone have some experience with it?

Game completion achievements and multiplayer

If you complete the main quest in a multi-player game, do all the players get the achievement for completing the quest as the character they are currently playing? Or does only the host get the achievement for their “main character”?

What is the difference between the Crafting achievements 'Like Stars In the Sky' and 'Perfect As Tears'?

Both of them ask for crafting each of the 4 different Radiant gems, I am very far from having a single one but they seem to be duplicates to me – are there any differences?

What exact locations are covered by Arctic Explorer?

I want the Arctic Explorer achievement but, best I can tell, I’ve explored every part of every map in Three Horns (divide/valley), The Fridge and Tundra Express. Are there some other “arctic” maps like Southern Shelf included in this? I’m puzzled as to how I am missing this one. All the maps appear to be […]

Settlement happiness level doesn't go above 80%

It seems in Fallout 4 (Xbox One), I cannot get my settlements to go above 80% happiness. I was told that getting your Charisma level up, building shops, and decorating settlements (as well as satisfying water levels, food levels, etc.) that the happiness level should continually grow until it hits 100%. This doesn’t seem to […]

How can I become the Hero of Caldeum?

I’ve tried this segment two or three times now, with and without allies. I can’t seem to save enough of the peasants to get this achievement. If I stop long enough to kill off the enemies, they all seem to decide the best place to stand is in the shadow of one of Belial’s meteors. […]

How do I get the “Instant Karma” achievement?

I have managed to get him to kill some of his minions by standing in the mob and not doing too much damage, but it takes way too long just for a couple of kills. What is the ability he uses that can kill his own minions (what does it look like), and how do […]

Daily kill variety. How to tell?

Is there any way to know what type of monsters have I already slain for the daily kill variety achievment? I randomly kill mobs untill I have it completed (10 different type of creatures), but some times I’m not sure if I have already killed one type or not. Does the game offer any clue […]

How do I sync my Skyrim achievements with Steam if I use SKSE?

In my other question, I asked if I could get the Steam overlay in Skyrim if I use the SKSE .exe file. (Reference Question: How can I get the Steam overlay on Skyrim, if I am using the SKSE.exe to launch the game?) I would like to sync my Skyrim achievements with Steam, even though […]

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