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Does Rakinishu's Blade have a special purpose?

I found Rakinishu’s blade at an event in act II, does it have any purpose, or is it just a sort of Easter egg / in joke?

Do mods or console use disable achievements for Fallout:New Vegas?

I’ve heard mixed information on this and I’d like to get a straight answer, for two reasons: The widely reported Quicksave/Autosave bug is annoying and, quite frankly, has terrified me into completely abandoning both features. However, manually saving is, to say the least, extremely cumbersome. In FO3, I used the console ‘SAVE’ command to create […]

Where are the Act 1 lore books?

What are the locations of the Act I lore books needed for the achievements A Quick Study, Taking Notes and Historian of Tristram?

When can I get Covetous Shen's conversations for the Everybody Loves Shen achievement?

The achievement says to “Listen to all of the Jeweler’s conversations.” Because Shen’s conversations seem to change quite frequently, it seems like it would be easy to miss a lot of these, so I’d like to know when Shen’s conversations first become available and if and when they become unavailable. Of special note now is […]

What is the fastest way to complete “The Art of Conversation” achievement?

I know from reading this question how to finish up the follower conversations, however to get “The Art of Conversation” I need to complete almost all conversations in the game (I believe there are a handful that don’t count). I’ve beat the game at this point, so I believe all conversations should be unlocked, but […]

How do I restore the glory of the Thieves Guild?

One of the achievements for the Thieves Guild says “Restore the Thieves Guild to its former glory.” Brynjolf doesn’t say anything to me, I can’t seem to find Karliah, and as far as I can tell, I am finished with the plotline quests for the Thieves Guild. All I have left available are repeatable quests […]

Do console commands affect Steam achievements?

I’ve painted myself into a corner and am forced to choose between abandoning a couple hours’ progress or cheating my way out of it. Unfortunately, I can’t find hard data on if/how the use of console commands affects the unlocking of Steam achievements. I’ve heard a few conflicting theories and can think of a couple […]

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