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Is it possible to achieve the “Unachievable” achievement in “The Stanley Parable”?

I know that according to the text it should be impossible, but global achievement statistics suggest otherwise. Is there a legitimate way to get this achievement?

When can I get Haedrig's conversations for the Hassling Haedrig achievement?

The achievement says to “Listen to all of the Blacksmith’s conversations.” Because some of these are missable, I’d like to know when Haedrig’s conversations first become available and if and when they become unavailable. The Weary Blacksmith seems particularly missable.

In what zone does each event occur in?

There are numerous achievements about completing special events (which are small side quests you can do without impeding on your current quest progress). Also, most if not all include some kind of XP/Gold reward for completion. I tried clicking on the achievements, but as far as I can tell, there’s no indication of what zone […]

Where is Michael Mamaril?

In tribute to a Borderlands fan by the real name of Michael Mamaril who died from cancer at a young age, Gearbox immortalized him as an NPC vault hunter who offers you guns to help you out (source). The “Tribute to a Vault Hunter” achievement triggers upon finding him. I haven’t been able to find […]

Binding of Isaac achievements and Steam in-game not working

I can’t get achievements in this game, also the Steam In-game function doesn’t work. May this problem related to the fact that the game is in Flash? Anyone has the same problem?

How do Goliath enemies work?

There is an Achievement for “Goliath, Meet David – Allowed a Goliath to level up four times before killing him” but I don’t know how Goliaths work to figure out how to do this. When I’ve come across them before, they seem to attack me until I behead them, then some weird shrunken head atop […]

How do I get the Ride the Wind achievement?

I distinctly remember Bastion having 20 Steam achievements, because it’s a nice even number, and I had them all. Now, however, there are some more, a new one being Ride the Wind, with no explanation text whatsoever: How do I unlock that? I want it.

How can I complete all “armory” achievements?

I’ve almost completed campaign, bought all upgrades for infantry (and earned additional achievements, I don’t remember it’s name, let’s name him “infantry armory achievement”)… and discovered, that after “Gates of Hell” campaign there are no any income anymore… I’ve tried to pass already existing missions another time, but they don’t give money. From what I […]

How can I earn achievements I completed while achievements were disabled?

For some reason, Blizzard opted to disable achievements on launch day (or their achievement system broke). I said screw it, and powered through the campaign anyway. I hit level 70 while achievements were disabled, and now when I go back and replay the mission where I hit 70 in the archives, the achievement for hitting […]

Wheel of Misfortune

What are the 10 possibilities for Wheel of Misfortune? And what is the best way to farm them?

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