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Diablo 3 conversation achievement from Merchants “Sales and tales”

The achievement says to “Listen to all of the towns merchants conversations.” Where are all these merchants located and are there any criteria to start the conversation (e.g. quests etc)?

Will Blink 2 (II) prevent me from getting the achievement Mostly Flesh and Steel?

Mostly Flesh and Steel Finish the game without purchasing any supernatural powers or enhancements, besides Blink I’ve just finished the game without purchasing anything besides Blink and didn’t get the achievement. Maybe because I “bought” the Blink’s upgrade (Blink II) ? Or is it anything else that I should have been aware of ?

When can I get Adria's conversations for the Bewitched achievement?

The achievement says to “Listen to all of Adria’s conversations.” In order to not miss any, I’d like to know when Adria’s conversations become available and if and when they become unavailable.

When do the daily achievements reset?

Guild Wars 2 rewards you with a Mystic Coin if you complete a set of Daily Achievements. As their name might indicate, they reset every day, allowing you to complete them again for more arena net points and loot! At what time does this occur?

What do the Xbox 360 achievement points (or “gamerscore”) do?

So, I have been playing Xbox 360 for a while now, and have collected quite a few points towards my Gamerscore. It seems like each player has their own points, and they are cumulative across all games. Is there anything I can actually do with them, or are they just for bragging rights?

How much time do I have to spend in hell to earn the “Medium Well” achievement in Super Meat Boy?

So, during the Steam Summer Sale 2011, Super Meat Boy was updated and has a new achievement: “Medium Well”. It’s description is only, “Spend as little time in hell as possible” How do I earn this new achievement? Unless I messed up with my calculator, the A+’s for each level in hell put you at […]

Does modding or using console commands disable Steam achievements for Fallout 4?

Fallout 4 mods are starting to pour in over at Nexus Mods. If I install a mod or enter a console command, will Steam achievements for the game be disabled?

Does using the difficulty glitch in “The Last of Us” unlock the Survivor+ trophies?

It is apparently possible to switch from your first playthrough (where you unlock Survivor difficulty) directly to a Survivor+ playthrough via a glitch with Chapter Select. Does completing a “Survivor+” run in this way count for trophy completion? The glitch is where you start a new game+, play through to “20 Years Later”, and then […]

What are the two 'hidden' achievements, and how do I get them?

In BrowserQuest, the achievements list includes 2 that are denoted only as ??? / ??? I’ve already defeated the ‘final boss’ and completed all of the other achievements (Ignore the 16/20 there, the 2 I’m missing amount to ‘get hit a lot of times’). What are these last two medals, and how do I get […]

What are the locations of the traveling merchants for the Market Research achievement?

The “Market Research” achievement requires that you meet the following traveling merchants: Wandering Tinker Rodger the Alchemist Vendel the Armorsmith Adenath the Curio Vendor Kyr the Weaponsmith Zaven the Alchemist Larra Halmin the Alchemist Where are these merchants located? Can they be found in an exact location, or do they roam a whole zone (or […]

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