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What are all of the named locations?

Several achievements require visiting every “named location”: What are the named locations in Three Horns, Tundra Express, Frostburn Canyon, Sanctuary, Opportunity, Lynchwood, The Highlands, Thousand Cuts, Wildlife Exploitation Preserve, Eridium Blight, Arid Nexus, Sawtooth Cauldron, and any other places required for their five achievements (“Arctic Explorer”, “Urban Explorer”, “Highlands Explorer”, “Blight Explorer”, and “World Traveler”)? […]

What are the “Željezo se kuje dok je vruce. Cega nema, ne mose se ni uzeti” in the Payday 2 achievements for?

These achievements just popped up in Payday 2. NO clue what language they’re in, nor why they don’t obviously look English like. What are these achievements for?

I can't get the Knight's Honor trophy

Knight’s Honor trophy will not come up. I’ve looked all over the net and I have all the weapons. Can someone give me the full list of what they are, please? I need to know if the trophy is glitched or not. I got a list of all the weapons I need but it still […]

Black Mesa achievements

What are the achievements in the new Half-Life 2 mod Black Mesa?

How can I sync achievements for Steam games bought through another vendor?

Unreal Tournament 2004 and Quake Live are installed through my PC, but not through Steam. How can I sync achievements with my Steam profile for these and other games which Steam sells but which I bought through another vendor (or in Quake Live, it is free and browser-based)?

Which gods and game mode are most suitable for the 20 to 1 achievement?

In Smite there is an achievement for getting 20 kills and 1 death in a single game. Which gods, general strategy and game mode should I use to maximise my chances of obtaining this achievement?

Where can one find a list of players ranked by achievement points?

Is there a site that you can go to that lists out users ranked by achievement? Perhaps a way to list them out like that on the StarCraft 2 website?

How do I kill lagomorphs for the Monster Hunter achievement?

The achievement Monster Hunter reads Find & somehow slay at least 7 lagomorphs, you jerk, Lagomorpha being the order the hare and rabbit family (Leporidae, if anyone cares) belongs to. So, it’s pretty clear you need to kill the innocent rabbits that are hopping around. The finding part I seem to have gotten down, as […]

In Scribblenauts Unmasked, how do you unlock the “No Evil Shall Escape My Sight” achievement?

I’ve been trying to achieve this one forever now. Does anyone have a clue on how to do this?

How do you get the “But How?” achievement?

There’s an achievement for getting the armoured car to drop without shooting at it in the Slaughterhouse mission. Like the achievement says, but how?

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