“Failed to initialize the GameStartup Interface” when trying to run Crysis 2 demo

I’ve downloaded the Crysis 2 demo through Stream, but when I try to run it I immediately get the error message

Failed to initialize the GameStartup Interface!

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    System specifications:

    • Windows 7 64bit.
    • Nvidia Geforce 250 GTS, with latest drivers.
    • All other PC stats also matching or exceeding minimum requirements as specified in the Steam Store page.

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    This kind of error can sometimes be solved when you verify the game fragmentation, through the game options.

    Game fragmentation usually happens when you download too many games at once through Steam, or when a game is being downloaded by too many people at once.

    It can also be caused by running a process which does a lot of disk access.

    I had the same error. This is how I fixed it:

    Copy all .dll files from the “bin32” directory and paste them in the main directory.

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