Errors on the Memorial Wall?

In previous Mass Effect games, I lost a few good people. So I was pleasantly surprised to find that a Memorial Wall was erected on the Normandy SR-2 in Mass Effect 3, honoring those who’d fallen in battle.

However, there’s one name missing. Zaeed Massani. He did not survive the suicide mission in the game I imported from Mass Effect 2. Several other memorable crew members lost are on the wall, as well as (according to Mass Effect Wiki) 20 crew members lost with the demise of Normandy SR-1.

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  • Also, presuming the Mass Effect Wiki data is correct, it seems the casualty count on my wall is just a bit further off. From memory, I’ve lost…

    Mass Effect 1:
    – Richard L. Jenkins
    – Ashley Williams

    Mass Effect 2:
    – Kasumi Goto
    – Zaeed Massani
    – Mordin Solus

    Add that to the 20 names from the demise of SR-1 and I should have 25. Interestingly, I do have 25. But, as I’ve mentioned, Zaeed is nowhere to be found in the list, so the number should be 24. Is there a known explanation for this?

    Here’s the people currently listed on my wall:

    Abishek Pakti
    Alexei Dubyansky
    Ashley Williams
    Caroline Grenado
    Germeen Barret
    Hector Emerson
    Jamin Bakari
    Mandira Rahman
    Monica Negulesco
    Orden Laflamme
    Richard L Jenkins
    Rosamlind Dravin
    Talitha Draven
    Addison Chase
    Amina Waaberi
    Carlton Tucks
    Charles Pressly
    Harvy J Gladstone
    Helen M Lowe
    Kasumi Goto
    Marcus Grieco
    Mordin Solus
    Raymond Tanaka
    Robert Felawa
    Silas Crosby

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Errors on the Memorial Wall?”

    According to the ME2 assignment, your list of casualties excluding the destroyed SR-1’s staff, is as follows:

    • Ashley Williams
    • Richard L Jenkins
    • Kasumi Goto
    • Mordin Solus

    Now we deduct the known deaths of Williams, Goto and Solus, and Jenkins. Hmm … Kinda leaves noone.

    This means: There are indeed – as proper counting of the casualty list of the SR-1 tells – 21 deaths counted for the destroyed Normandy SR-1. This is based on the fact that Navigator Charles Pressly does not have an associated dog tag on the crash site, but rather his data panel.

    He is still counted among those fallen during the Collector attack, and is added to the list as he is a key figure of memorial regarding the loss of the SR-1, but he is not among the 20 unaccounted crewmen (lore-wise, this is mostly because Shepard themselves witnessed Pressly’s death on the Normandy).

    As for why Zaeed doesn’t show up … That’s a (link may contain spoilers) bug, that might be explained lore-wise as “Mercenaries that fight for their next paycheck aren’t remembered in any war.” – Zaeed was only hired as a mercenary back in ME2.

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