Elisif's Tribute – Where is the shrine of Talos?

I am trying to become Thane of Haafingar hold/ Solitude.

I cleared out Wolfskull cave, Elisif asked me to take her Husband’s War Horn to a shrine of Talos. It shows up as a Misc Journal entry.

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  • Where is this shrine?

    I tried taking it to the shrine in Whiterun where the priest was always yelling. No luck, no options to leave the horn there.

    I tried following this Guide, I kept and kept on searching. Nothing between north of ritual stone or east of Whiterun resembles what they are talking about. But it is a radiant quest so I think that information might be dated.

    This guide says to go to the appropriate shrine.

    Our very own guide has no such mention, meaning it should be an easy do.

    I have been wandering looking for this shrine for almost 2 hours now real time.

    Which shrine of Talos do I need to drop the horn? And more importantly where is it/ How to find it?

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