Does Wipeout HD Fury (disc) support 3D?

I am one of those guys that prefer buying games on discs instead of getting them “virtually” from online stores.

Thus I wanted to buy Wipeout HD Fury on disc, but found some forums that complained about the disc version not supporting 3D. Apparently 3D only would work with the downloaded version.

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  • My TV and PS3 are 3D-capable, and the Wipeout HD Demo also works in 3D already. But what about the disc version? Has anyone tried this?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Does Wipeout HD Fury (disc) support 3D?”

    I’m only finding the same information online that you’re probably seeing – forums with complaints about the disc version not supporting 3D. But I’m finding it from enough different sources that it looks like you’re correct – the disc-based version doesn’t support 3D.

    I’ve had the PSN version for quite a while and it’s a fantastic game even without 3D support. (I don’t have a 3D-capable TV anyway.) So either way you’ll have fun with it.

    You could buy the disc-based version and hope for a patch, but if you really have to have the 3D I’d recommend getting the PSN version. I understand your preference for a physical copy though – I’d have bought the disc version if it were available at the time.

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