Does the Wizard's Electrocute gain the effects of Prodigy for every monster hit in the chain?

The Wizard’s signature spell Electrocute reads

Lightning arcs from your fingertips, dealing 80% weapon damage as
Lightning. The lightning can jump, hitting up to 2 additional enemies.

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  • I use it with the Chain Lightening rune which increases the number of enemies I can hit to 6.

    Does each enemy I hit in the chain give me 4 Arcane Power with Prodigy? Meaning I can get at maximum 24 arcane power with one cast of Electrocute? Or does Prodigy only proc once per Electrocute cast?

    Prodigy reads:

    When you deal damage with a Signature spell, you gain 4 Arcane Power.

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Does the Wizard's Electrocute gain the effects of Prodigy for every monster hit in the chain?”

    Electrocute’s chain hits will count as regular kills for the massacre bonus so it’s very likely that they’ll also count for the arcane bonus.

    The intresting thing is that electrocute is a channeling spell so you can keep electrocuting for additional damage, hence more arcane power. I will try it out asaply and come back when I know for sure.

    EDIT: Yes, you are right. Every additional hit will generate arcane power through prodigy.

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