Does Soul Memory Affect Co-op or Only Invasions?

If I’m understanding correctly, Soul Memory, the collective accumulation of all souls ever obtained, ensures that the players that you meet in multiplayer are of a similar experience level compared to you.

In Dark Souls, connectability was determined purely through character Soul Level. Does Soul Level still come into play or is it only determined by Soul Memory?

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  • I read that invasion is affected by Soul Memory, but I figured it would be silly if co-op was also affected by it and was hoping to find out if co-op was actually based on soul level.

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    Namco has a knowledgebase article stating it does.—im-having-trouble-with-summoningsinvasions

    Total amount of souls collected and levels – A character’s total number of souls is factored in during summonings/invasions (generally you must be within 50,000 souls of the person you’re invading/co-opping with and your level must be within +/- 10 levels).

    The 50,000 souls requirement seems to be completely wrong, though.

    According to fextralife:

    1) Your soul memory plus or minus 25%.
    2) Your Soul Level plus or minus 10, AND THEN a further plus or minus 10%.
    Both 1) and 2) must comply between the two players for online play.
    When using a name-engraved ring the percentage of souls allowed jumps from 25% to 30%

    I have had some problems with soul memory. I gamed with a friend perfectly throughout the day then all of a sudden we could not summon each other.
    The difference was I was using a ring which gave me more souls. (it might be soul memory or a coincidence, will do some more research)
    We had the exact same soul level, using God rings, regional lock was off (we live in different regions) and communicated by pc to ensure we were putting the signs where we needed.
    So yes I believe soul memory does effect Co-op. (again it might of been an annoying coincidence that we could not Co-op once my soul memory became larger)

    It effects coop plain and simple. If you are not within range for soul memory or soul level you will not connect. Its happened to me and a friend like it has to you. People who say it doesn’t are trolls. There is a calculator that tells you exactly how it works and calculates it for you. Soul Memory is a Horrible Addition.

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