Does Destiny require a license transfer if your are transferring data to a new HDD?

I have an Xbox 360 and I need to data transfer all of my data to a larger hard drive before the third DLC comes out for Destiny. As I have learned whilst researching when you data transfer you may also need to license transfer as well before playing some games.

I have Destiny downloaded from the marketplace onto my hard drive and destiny is only allowed to be downloaded onto a hard drive. However, someone already did a license transfer without my knowledge on my account, thus I will have to wait for my next license transfer (which will be months away).

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  • So my question is: Does Destiny require a license transfer if your are transferring data?

    I ask this because I will not be able to play the third DLC upon arrival unless I transfer it, and unless I can avoid doing a license transfer somehow.

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Does Destiny require a license transfer if your are transferring data to a new HDD?”

    Basically, what a “License Transfer” is referring to is the rights to that content that exist on your current Xbox. This means that whenever you’re offline, you can still access any downloaded content (provided you have the profile with that linked (System) license currently logged in).

    From the Xbox Support Q&A

    You receive a license to use content when you purchase that content. The license has two parts:

    • The system license. This license applies to the gamertag that purchases the content.
    • The local license. This license applies to the console to which you first downloaded the content.

    To explain; the System License is the license that is attached to your profile, making that profile the “owner” of the content.

    The Local License on the other hand, sits on the Xbox, and determines whether or not this content can be accessed offline. If the current Xbox does not have this license, the content cannot be accessed without an active internet connection.

    So to answer your question: It purely depends on whether or not you intend to play this game offline or not.

    • If you do wish to play offline: Yes; you will need to transfer the Local License
    • If you don’t wish to play offline: No; you shouldn’t need to bother. That being said, it won’t hurt either way.
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