Do you get the war loot bonus if you get 1 star on a base that someone else has alread 3 starred?

I have been playing clash of clans, and I want to 1 star a farming person in war and get a ton of loot. (I can’t do any better to anyone else). My clan says to wait until the near end of the war, but idk if I will still get loot if someone already got at least 1 star.

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  • 2 Solutions collect form web for “Do you get the war loot bonus if you get 1 star on a base that someone else has alread 3 starred?”

    Yes. You do.

    War loot is only awarded when you successfully attack a base.

    But wait. I didn’t tell you enough!

    Regardless of the current high score (best attack) of the base, as long as you manage to 1-star it (win the attack), you get the bonus… Even if it’s already 3-started.

    However, the star you gain does not count towards the score as it have already been earned (unless you beat that score of course).
    Doing this only helps you if your clan is already winning, and the opponents have no chance at winning, as it is practically simply wasting your attack.

    As usual, losing the war only awards 40% of the bonus.


    But always ask for the leader and co-leader’s permission before doing so. Members of the clan are expected to cooperate, help each other, work as a team, and win the war and winning the loot should be the last thing in your mind.

    This is the problem I always face with new members of the clan.

    Put greed on a leash, at least until the win is certain..

    Happy clashing!!! Have a nice day!

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