Do the glowing pillars in The Storm Halls do anything?

I’ve noticed that occasionally if I shoot at (or near) the glowing red pillars they will kind of explode a bit for a second and then reform. Does this affect my attacks in any way? What about nearby enemies? Is this purely cosmetic (like pillars in other dungeons crashing down)?
Rest state for pillar
Excited state for pillar

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    They’ll continue to animate as long as you switch between the two targets; there are usually two of them near each other. When you hit one, it will animate but won’t animate again until the other is hit. Besides that, I personally have not found any other use for them and I also have not heard any other use from anybody else.

    The pillars just appear to be aesthetic with no real function. There seems to be no direct method of interacting with them but as you mention at times when you fire towards them they animate.

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