Do the effects of relics like the Vault Hunter's Relic stack in co-op?

Vault Hunter's Relic

Do the effects of relics like the Vault Hunter’s Relic, stack in co-op?

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  • The effect of the Vault Hunter’s Relic is +5% chance of enemies dropping rare loot. Will this +5% chance increase if more than one player in co-op mode equips the Vault Hunter’s Relic? If yes, how does it increase relative to the number of players?

    Also, do the other similar relics behave in the same way? e.g. What about Moxxi’s Endowment (Increase XP gained by killing enemies)?

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    Yes, the effect stacks, but unfortunately the Vault Hunter’s Relic is a bit vague about what it does. It doesn’t actually increase the spawns of things like E-tech, purple or orange items. Rather, it decreases the drop rate of white weaponry while slightly increasing the drop rate of green and blue weaponry (linked page is now not viewable by unregistered users; same post quoted in the Gearbox forums):

    So I just investigated the Vault Hunter Relic data.

    It modifies two attributes:

    GD_Balance.Weighting.GearDrops_RareWeightModifier: +0.05
    GD_Balance.Weighting.GearDrops_CommonWeightModifier: -0.06

    Let’s set them to +100.00 and -100.00!

    Net result: I have not seen a single white weapon drop, greens drop,
    seen a few blues. Nothing else.

    So, what I can gauge from this, is that it shifts a 5% of your chance
    for whites into non-whites. Doesn’t touch anything else. Very low
    impact, perhaps bordering on useless.

    Thus, even with all four players using it, you wouldn’t be guaranteed to find any more very rare weaponry than you would normally.

    Moxxi’s Endowment on the other hand only increases the XP you get on enemy deaths, not the XP everyone gets. If all four people had it equipped, they’d each get their own XP increase (say, +5%) as opposed to a stacked increase (in this case, +20% XP per player).

    In short, the Vault Hunter’s Relic stacks but is sadly kind of useless and you’d be better off equipping something else. Moxxi’s Endowment won’t stack but it’s still useful for grinding levels. In my opinion, equipping a health increase or an action skill cooldown relic would be better than both of them.

    Also, you asked if other relics stacked. If you were asking about things like health or shield or resistance boosts, then no, none of those stack with other players. They affect only you.

    the effect is that I find less bad weapons such as level 48-49 almost all of the drops that I find are level 50 and I find that I get a greater chance to drop legendaries i.e. kill hyperius and get 1 in 10 chance of getting a legendary weapon such as the hornet or the shreddifier

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