Do shorn sheep regrow their wool?

Following on from this question on dyed sheep the thought occurs “Do shorn sheep regrow their wool”.

  • I know that shorn sheep stay that way for a while – I see them around and about.
  • I know that mobs disappear and then respawn when you leave and return to an area.

So if you have a shorn sheep will it regrow it’s wool if you stay in vicinity for long enough?

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  • I’m guessing that sheep that disappear and then respawn come back with a full coat.

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  • 2 Solutions collect form web for “Do shorn sheep regrow their wool?”

    Sheep can regrow wool by eating a grass block (converting it to dirt). In addition, if you dye the sheep and then shear it, the wool grows back coloured. So this way you can generate flocks of rainbow sheep.

    History: In early versions, after eating three grass blocks, they would regrow their wool(source). This disappeared (sheep would no longer eat grass), and then was added again in Minecraft 1.1.


    Sheep don’t eat grass anymore, and cannot regrow their wool.

    Most of the time, you will not see any more sheared sheep because they have gotten out of your render range and “disappear.”

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