Do companions drain fusion cores?

If I tell a companion to wear power armor, will they drain the fusion core?

If not, I could have the companion wear the armor to save energy when I’m walking places. When I get two suits, I can just have the companion wear the armor all the time.

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    No, they do not.

    I tried putting a fresh 100 charge core in a suit, and telling Preston Garvey to get in. We then cleared a raider compound, and traveled back to town. I told him to get out and inspected the core. It was still fully charged.

    No, they don’t use up fusion cores for Power Armor. I also experimented to see if this would work with the gatling laser, unfortunately it did not 🙁

    Also something to be aware of, the armor does still take damage and can break.

    you can even take the power core OUT and they will still use the power armor. Ive got piper running about in full armor with NO CORE IN IT

    Companions only require an initial jump start with a core, after that the armor runs off their charming personalities.

    I have a companion using a modified stealth set of power armor. They won’t go invisible without an FC, and I believe they will drain the FC when using the modification.

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