Do “Bodies Found” Count Against Ghosting?

Does anyone know if an enemy discovering the body of one of his sleeping comrades counts against you for a “Ghost” run? i.e. Not if they get any bolts in the ‘detected’ meter over their head, but if they just see the fellow thug/guard/etc and say something like “Hey! Wake up!”. I was just wondering since it seems to show this stat on the summary screen after a mission and I thought this might mean it’s important.

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    It doesn’t. Here is proof from my recent stealthy, super-lethal playthrough of ‘House of Pleasure’ mission stats (With no Shadow Kill. Notice that there are 12 bodies found, but ‘Ghost’ is checked):
    enter image description here

    Basically, as long as no red ‘marker’ appears on an NPC or a wolfhound (dog), it won’t count as detected. Three white ‘markers’ won’t count as detected. The red marker appears only if an NPC or wolfhound has detected you, not a body you killed or made unconscious.

    Also, here are some reports from other posts:

    Bodies found does not void the achievements Ghost, Clean hands or Shadow. Completed all three achievements yesterday and I have had missions where bodies were found.

    Source (Reddit /r/dishonored)

    Other reports: [1] [2]

    No, it does not. I was awarded both Shadow/Ghost on my play-through and I ended up with several bodies discovered in the mission statistics for quite a few missions.

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