Did I miss my chance to have a ship's doctor?

So I’ve been playing the “Why can’t I click the Save BILLIONS option?” greyed-out paragon score dance with Dr. Michel and I finally have my paragon score above the first dash on the squad screen.

Since I was in the citadel anyway to enable access for the students and instructors of Grissom Academy (I just finished rescuing them) I thought I’d pop into the med bay and see if she wants to join my band of intergalactic misfits now … and she’s nowhere to be found!?!

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  • Ashley’s a spectre now and out of the med bay, so I can understand Michel not needing to stand in the lobby caring for the visitors Ash is getting but where did she go?? Did she finally make up her mind to come with me, give 2 weeks notice and decide to use up her banked vacation time or what?? I’m doctorless and now wondering if I’ve waited too long club her over the head and drag her back to the ship.

    Did I miss my chance to have a ship’s doctor? If not, who is going to step up? If so, what’s the ultimate consequence of it?

    It’s clear that Mordin can’t help out since he died …

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    Sorry, you may have waited too long, and you will need to find someone else, I have seen this happen before, no fix as far as I know.

    Yes, you waited too long, but you haven’t lost your chance to have a doctor, you’ll just have to stick with Dr. Chakwas.

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