Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition (PC) Audio is not workin

The in-game audio is not working at all, no music in the menus, no effects or nothing while playing (Microsoft Live sound does work, though).

This is the environment:

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    • Steam client
    • Windows 8 64 bits
    • ASUS P7P55D integrated sound card for audio

    The sound card is connected to a receiver through SPDIF. Everything else works without a problem, both in 5.1 (movies) and stereo (music and games). I do not use AC3 or any encoder for 5.1 gaming. All of the other games I have do not have any sound issue. I have also tried to connect headphones to the corresponding jack in the sound card with the same bad result.

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    I finally found the problem. It seems that I didn’t realize, but actually the AC3 encoder was starting alongside the game and not processing the audio properly. I disabled the AC3 encoder to process PCM and now it works, although now AAC audio won’t work with my player. At least now I have something.

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