Craftbook Collect: Sort enchanted Books/Items

Is there a way to sort enchanted Book with Craftbook?

With /iinfo I get IDs like the following:

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  • 403#G

    I simply tried to use this as ID, but it didn’t work (collected just all). I googled around and tried other possibilities, but none of them worked.

    403:34 --> is of enchantment
    403;unbreaking --> Name of enchantment corresponding to Craftbooks item syntax

    At least I heard there is no way. Is this true? Or is there a way I can’t see? Or maybe an other way?

    PS: I play on a Server, so the possibilities are maybe in a short range.

    Note: The question is also for Items.

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Craftbook Collect: Sort enchanted Books/Items”

    Meanwhile a friend reasked this question to the developer directly. The answer is that its not possible AND that the /iinfo data isn’t a valid ID.

    So, answer is short: not possible

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