Citadel: Inspirational Stories is not finishing

I agreed to do the Citadel: Inspirational Stories mission for a salarian who wants to make a documentary. However, I can’t find any more locations that trigger for it. I’ve run around the entire docking area now, to no avail.

To note, I was able to do the following:

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    • One area in the Memorial Wall that didn’t count
    • A grieving couple in the Memorial wall that did count
    • A Turian standing around that didn’t

    After that, nothing else has popped up throughout the entire docks. Is the quest bugged? Did I miss my chance to finish it by clicking on incorrect things? It’s not greyed out, so I’m assuming I’m still able to finish it somehow, but I can’t find any more waypoints.

    What can I do?

    Updating with an image to show my view of the poker table. There’s no other reticule other than speaking to James.


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    After fruitlessly doublechecking some more, reloading my save and losing some playtime, having the same thing happen, and then doing some more googling, it seems that this is apparently a known bug.

    There are several other people reporting this problem on the Bioware Social Network as well.

    The solution that worked for me (after loading another save) is to go immediately to the areas that count as valid photo opportunities for the quest, skipping over the ones that do not count.

    The following 4 locations are valid photo opportunities for this sidequest, though you only need 3 of them to count. You can click through images for larger versions:

    The mourning woman being comforted by the salarian in the Memorial Wall:

    first-map view

    The woman speaking with the man sitting on the crate between Bay E24 and Bay E26:

    second-map view

    The doctors treating patients on makeshift stretchers made out of crates in Cargo Hold: B:

    third-map view

    James playing poker with other refugees in the far end of the hall in what is technically Bay E28:

    fourth-map view

    For reference, the following are the locations which do not count. Avoid clicking these if you want to avoid the bug!

    The stack of crates in the left area of the Memorial Wall


    The Turian standing on guard between Bay E24 and Bay E26


    The monitors behind the counter that’s closest to the poker table


    From what I can tell, if you save during this quest, it will remain bugged and you will not be able to complete it. Reloading a save after it has already started and you have already encountered the bug will not fix it. You need to load one prior to the mission bugging out.

    I believe (from doing the quest completely myself) that you are missing the picture by the table where james vega is sitting and playing a card game with a few others. you have to practically jump on the table to get it.

    I had the same problem of hearing James, but not seeing him. He just was not there. To fix it, I saved game and then reloaded it. Then he was there, but there’s no proper conversation to have with him, anyway!

    (I’m playing on PC)

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