Change what “ttt_radio traitor” says in GMod

I want ttt_radio traitor to say something else than [name] is a traitor!

I’ve seen people do it with ttt_radio imwith where they changed it to I see [name]. How do I do it?

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Old question, but you can change the binds for things like this in /directory_path_to_game/lang/english.lua (if you’re running a server with a foreign language, then substitute english.lua for *language*.lua) and it should be located on L.quick_traitor.

I think they just used the see name.

The console command used to send a quickchat is “ttt_radio”. You need to supply which quickchat text to send by adding its name, for example: “ttt_radio help” to send the “Help!” chat. Binding that to a key could look like:

bind "h" "ttt_radio help"

Entered into the console of course. These are the possible quickchat names:

Name    Text
yes     Yes.
no      No.
help    Help!
imwith  I'm with (player you aim at).
see     I see (player you aim at).
traitor (player you aim at) is the traitor!
suspect (player you aim at) acts suspicious.
check   Anyone still alive?


So basically you have to bind “key” “ttt_radio name” in the console and it shouts the text when you press that key

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