Can't use my sprint key and jump at the same time

Ok, so I do a lot of sprint jumping in minecraft because I pvp a ton everyday and every once in a while it won’t allow me to do both at the same time. I set ctrl to my sprint key so when I want to sprint I hold ctrl. If I hold ctrl and space it won’t let me jump. If I double tap w I can sprint and jump at the same time. Does anybody know why it does this? It’s not something to do with my keyboard because it’s just fine. It’s done this a couple of times and it’s quite annoying.

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    It’s likely to do with the fact that you’re holding ctrl to run. There are a few issues with this:

    • ctrl+space is a recognised keyboard shortcut in most systems. Minecraft is not one of them however, so this is likely part of your problem.
    • In Minecraft, the ctrl to sprint function is actually an “on/off” switch. Hit it once (while moving) to start sprinting, hit it again to stop sprinting. Holding it is likely screwing with your keyboard input when you attempt to jump.
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