Can't see a map or select pokémon

I have problem with Pokémon Go. When I meet with professor he wants from me to select one of those three pokémon but I can’t select any of them. Nothing happens when I click any of them. Also my map is blue.

When I launch this game I get “GPS signal not found” but I enabled GPS, disabled mock mode, enabled high traffic and same problem happens..

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Can't see a map or select pokémon”

    Test to see if google maps works and can get your location.

    If it can get your location then perhaps somehow the app does not have permission to access your phone’s GPS location? Since you’ve turned off mock locations and have high accuracy turned on I can’t really see any other reason, so perhaps reinstalling the app would help.

    If your google maps also can’t get your location then it probably means you’re simply not getting GPS signal wherever you’re and I suggest trying a different place.

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