Can you run an installed Xbox 360 game off of USB flash drives now?

Since you can use USB Flash Drives for data storage now, is it possible to install a game to one? Or, can you install to HDD and then copy to flash drive?

Unfortunately I’m one of those with an old 20GB HDD…so before I go buying a USB stick or two rather than a bigger HDD, I’d like to know.

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    I know that you can install a game to a USB drive, since I’ve (accidentally) done it before. The Xbox allows me to select either the internal hard drive or the attached USB drive, after I select to install the game.

    I haven’t tried to run a game installed to the USB drive (since I accidentally installed it there), but given that it allows you to install a game to it, I don’t see why it wouldn’t allow you to do so.

    I don’t know if you can copy installed games, though. I’d lean towards not, but I haven’t tried to do so (and I can’t check right now, since I’m at work).

    Yes you can, but the drive has to be larger than 6GB because the installation takes up to 6GB of space.

    Well you can no longer install games to a USB using the new dashboard (Or at least I cannot with the 250 GB xbox 360 slim) the reason I tried was because apparently there used to be a way to play without disk (Install to USB) but I couldnt select USB (There was no option) and it wouldn’t allow me to move or copy it from the storage option in settings…

    I copied Bully onto my USB and installed everything on the USB to his xbox, and he was able to play the game just fine. Tip: you have to keep the USB plugged in when playing the game

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