Can you find a replay that defends against a well executed proxy rush on Blistering Sands?

See this related question. Can you find/post a replay of a well executed proxy rush that is successfully defended against? (Not a counter-rush that succeeds, that requires pre-comitting to a rush. I mean a more durable strategy that successfully scouts and defends against this kind of rush).

Note the specific location I prefer for the proxy setup is around the gold that is near the opponents base, outside of usual scouting area and watch tower.

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  • Edit – sorry, I wasn’t specific enough. I marked my favorite spot for proxying on this map – this is a rarely scouted place. Also, recently I usually don’t send a probe right on the start, but rather build my 2nd pylon there, then warp 3 gateways.

    alt text

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Can you find a replay that defends against a well executed proxy rush on Blistering Sands?”

    This PvZ replay has the folllowing:

    • Proxy in the exact location you describe, behind 2 gateways.
    • Successful scout with a Drone, no gateways or cores so immediately looks for the proxy.
      He does this in both Tzenes spot (in vision of his drone) and your spot.
    • Successful scout with an Overlord, nothing in Tzenes spot nor gateways after the Drone leaves.
    • The Zealots, Stalkers and Proxy being countered by Zerglings and Roaches.
    • This is followed by an expand by Zerg and a series of pushes by both players.

    Although Zerg didn’t win in the end, I consider he countered the Proxy fine and messed up later.

    If you want, just ask and we can try to figure out what went wrong later…

    See the end of this answer on how Terran (MM) and Protoss (2gate) counter with the same scouting.

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