Can you drop and reacquire the Hanar Diplomat quest?

I, along with others, went and did something else while in the middle of the Hanar Diplomat mission, and so can’t access any of the relevant terminals and thus save the hanar from whatever naughtiness is being planned.

Now, I hear that there is a Mass Effect 3 Gibbed save editor out now; is it worth downloading in order to uncheck the quest box (so to speak) and re-acquire the quest? Or are my hanar consigned to not knowing what their diplomat is doing before it is too late?

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    Your Hanar’s fate is sealed until such time as EA releases a patch repairing this bug.

    Using the saved game editor is an option, but as always it presents the risk of having your copy bumped out of multiplayer or may mess up the ph balance in your pool.

    I experienced this bug and will be sure to avoid it in my 2nd play through, but for now there’s nothing that can be done.

    Without using Mass Effect 3 Gibbed save editor, it’s not possible to drop a quest.
    So if you don’t wanna risk to corrupt your save might be to get a previous save, just before to get the quest.

    Otherwise you can still try to edit the save, but make sure you made a back up of the original save.

    Here you can find a procedure to avoid the bug.

    Only way I found was to load a save game prior to starting quest–preferably even prior to landing on Citadel. Sorry that other answers do not seem to understand that Bioware rushed out a potentially great game, yet killed aspirations with a plethora of bugs. This game is as buggy as Skyrim! Do NOT do anything to interrupt this quest until completed, or you will be forced to restart-or simply leave quest unfinished.

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