Can you commit incest?

I want to know if you can have the offspring mate with one of his or her own parents. It’s odd, yes, but I’m curious if Bethesda thought this through.

Edit: I’m going to cross breed, by this I mean like this

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  • Parent 1 + Parent 2   Parent 3 + Parent 4
        = Child 1            = Child 2
    Parent 1 + Child 2    Parent 2 + Child 3
        = Child 3            = Child 4

    I hope this visual (somewhat) representation will show what I’m planning to do.

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    I believe there is actually a catch regarding parents/children. Instead of flirting, when you put them in the same residence the characters remark about “how nice it is to spend time with family”. I am not sure how it affects subsequent generations though!

    Putting two dwellers who were both born of the same two dwellers (ie siblings) in the living quarters will also give the “nice to spend time with family” message. So while you can almost definitely mate half-brothers/sisters, direct siblings are still counted as “family” and they won’t reproduce.

    Well I’ve already tried it and the children were just normal as all others.

    I have just found out that breeding can occur between a Great Grand Child and their Great Grand Parent. This means that with a restriction of only three of one sex technically a quite disturbed Lannister cycle can be formed!

    You can’t mate full- or half-siblings – if a pair of dwellers shares even one parent, they will not mate. You can’t mate parents to their children. You CAN mate grandparents to grandchildren, aunts/uncles to nieces/nephews, cousins to cousins, etc. In other words, the game won’t let you mate first-degree relatives, but everything else is fair game. Source: experimentation.

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