Can two users play on a Minecraft server using the same account?

I bought a Minecraft account for my little brother for Christmas, and I’d like to play with him on my server every now and then. If I log in while he’s on, however, it kicks him off since we have the same username. Is there any way to change my username so that I can play with him, or anything I can do so that we can both play together using this account on my server?

I’m open to anything that could let us play, whether it be username changes, server property changes, etc.

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  • 2 Solutions collect form web for “Can two users play on a Minecraft server using the same account?”

    1. Configure server online-mode off

    If you are using a proper server you’ll need to set “online-mode” to “false” in the server properties. You can ignore this step if you’re using in-client LAN.

    • Edit found in the parent folder of your minecraft folder.
    • Find and update online-mode=false

    The first player should now be able to connect fine as normal with the proper account name, or start the LAN server.

    2. Modify displayname of second player

    To get the second person connected, first go to your .minecraft folder. Find launcher_profiles.json and open it up with a text editor.

    Near the end of the file you should find "displayName": and then your current display name. Edit your name to anything different, keeping the "s either side of it. Make sure that it’s a valid username (only use A-Z, 1-9, and _, not over 16 characters, etc.).

    enter image description here

    3. Preventing correction of the file

    This stage doesn’t always seem to be required. If you’re having trouble with your name being auto-corrected you may need to either disconnect your Internet, or make the launcher_profiles.json file read only after having edited your name.

    To make the file read only on Windows: right click it, click “Properties”, and then tick “Read-only” in the “Attributes” section of the “General” tab.

    After you’ve done that, or if it worked originally, open up your launcher. You should see your edited name in the bottom right:

    enter image description here

    4. Start minecraft

    You can now start minecraft. You can also connect your Internet or make the file writable at this point. Hopefully, you should now be able to join the server with a different name and without kicking off the other player.

    Your name may be automatically be corrected if you start the launcher with your Internet connected and the launcher_profiles.json file not on read-only. You will also be unable to join proper online servers with the fake name, however you can use this method to set it back to your original name, or relog to have the launcher correct it.

    Note to others: This doesn’t allow piracy in any way. You still need to have a paid account and all of the game files downloaded. It’s pretty much the same as /nick on modded servers.

    In a way yes, although in another way no. You can’t be in the exact same server although you can be on the same server but on different bungeecord servers. A bungeecord server is where the there can be multiple servers in one minecraft server. For example “Mineplex” it has many different lobby’s all on different bungeecord servers if one person was on one lobby and the other person on that same account on another then yes, you can be on the same account on the same server.

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