Can random events kill your last remaining crew member?

If you only have one crew member left, can he be killed by events that kill one random crew member? Or does FTL make sure events always leave you with at least one person to play captain (allowing you to “predict the outcome” of those scenarios)?

By that I mean scenarios like Giant Alien Spiders in which a random crew member gets killed instantly; not events such as an enemy boarding the ship and killing your crew member through standard combat.

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    Yes, crewmembers can be killed at any point, including in those types of encounters. There is no mercy for being the last crewmember, their life is just as much at risk as any others.

    Generally I tend to avoid those enounters when a blue option isn’t present, as the loss of a crewmember can be a pretty big setback in general, not just on your last crewmember.

    Source: Personal Experience

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