Can monsters naturally spawn on blocks covered by pressure plate?

I’m trying to make a mob farm that uses mobs naturally spawned. I was wondering if a normal monster can spawn directly on pressure plate. This would allow me to crush them right after they appear.

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Can monsters naturally spawn on blocks covered by pressure plate?”

    The answer is a short, simple YES. According to the Minecraft WIKI

    While individual mobs can spawn inside signs, pressure plates, and
    other non-opaque blocks
    , packs cannot. They need a completely empty
    block in the center. Since a pack spawns all at one level, there needs
    to be some air blocks right above a flat surface to allow mobs to
    spawn on it, and more air blocks will always allow more spawning.

    To give you an example of a mob pack, this is it:

    enter image description here

    Example of a mob pack spawning. The 41×1×41 spawning area is shaded
    blue (not to scale). The yellow figures represent the actual positions
    that mobs could spawn in after checking the environment. Note that the
    mobs can spawn inside torch and ladder blocks. But they can’t spawn on
    top of glass because it’s not opaque. The red cube is the center of
    the pack, which must be an air block, but the blocks above and below
    it can be anything.

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