Can Minecraft Pocket Edition play with a desktop Minecraft on LAN?

My kids are playing Minecraft on 2 PCs, creative mode. They are connected by the way of one of them starts a single player game on the other one than joins that game over the LAN.

Can I, using Minecraft PE on my iPad, join their game as well?

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    No, you can’t. They’re entirely different games.

    To expand a bit on BlaXpirit’s answer, the PC version, the Pocket Edition, and the XBox 360 Edition are all separate games, with separate features and in separate states of development.

    The games are written in different languages for different platforms, and the XBox version is actually developed by a different company than Minecraft is, so it is (unfortunately) very unlikely that these versions will ever be able to join each other in online play.

    There are now two different versions of Minecraft on PC

    • The java version, the original one
    • The windows 10 version, which can play along the Pocket Editions on Android and iOS

    You cannot join their Java version on PC, but you surely can on the Windows 10 version.
    Of course, they need Windows 10 on their PC to install it

    It is possible to get the Windows 10 version for free if you have already existing Minecraft accounts, just go on the website in account management and you should find the option

    (There might be some elaborate way to play the java version on your ipad, but this would require so much work it isn’t worth it, if you do get it working, you will still have the Controls issue (how will you control a game designed to work with keyboard and mouse?))


    You cannot do this for several reasons!

    • They are entirely different games

    • They both rely on different programming languages

      Pocket edition and PC minecraft both have different features, which is why this will not work.

      • PE: Nether Reactor Core
      • PC: The End
      • PE: Lacks some textures that PC has
      • PE: Minimal or No red stone support

    There are many many more reasons out there, but those are just a few examples!!

    This is impossible because the different versions of the game are not compatible. They use different protocols and have different features. Here is a short list of what can play together:

    • Java edition (original): All 3 major PC platforms: Windows (any), Mac, and Linux. Supports the most customization, mods, and has the most content.

    • Pocket edition: Android, iOS, Amazon Fire Phone, and Windows 10 (on Windows 10 it’s called the “Windows 10 Edition Beta”). Less content, less mods, if you have Windows 10 the primary advantage of using this version instead is cross-play with mobile.

    • Pi Edition: Only supports the Raspberry Pi’s Raspbian OS for ARM.

    • There are also console versions (PS3/4/Vita, Xbox 360/One, Wii U) which I believe are only playable if you own the same console.

    Anyway, if you want to play together with your kids you’ll need to purchase a PC. Their world is and will only be compatible with the Java version of the game.

    It depends if your children are using Minecraft for PC or Minecraft Windows 10 Edition.
    Minecraft for PC and minecraft Windows 10 Edition is 2 different games.
    With Minecraft Windows 10 Edition you can play with Minecraft PE users via LAN and multiplayer servers.

    You can get Minecraft from PC to Windows 10 Edition for free.

    Claim Windows 10 Edition:

    For more info:

    Speaking of desktop Minecraft, now there are two editions for desktop:

    1. Which mostly everyone knows, the PC version.

    2. Windows 10 Minecraft version.

    If you wanted to link up the PC version, you can’t. I will describe the solution below at last.

    However if you have Windows 10 Minecraft running as server then you can join your MCPE to that specific world.

    Now, unfortunately if you had PC version, consider switching to Windows 10 edition. There are few world converters available, so try to convert PC world to PE world and play it from windows 10 edition. (Here is one converter but it is old.)

    The problem is: it can’t be said that these converters will work with latest versions of minecraft, because Minecraft gets constantly updated. If this method fails then you will have to start a new world.

    Yes. You can now play Pocket edition with PC edition as of pocket edition version 0.12.1 This has been true as of September 2015, so this feature has been out for almost a full year as of the day I am typing this. The feature requires players to play on the same network, but allows Pocket Edition players to use the many features of PC edition and do things such as going to the nether. This does not work the other way around however. Also the host PC player must be online in order for the Pocket Edition player to be able to play on that world. If the host quits (or their computer shuts off, etc.) then the Pocket Edition player(s) will be forced off of the world, unlike servers. Hope this helps out.

    It depends if they’re using Minecraft PC or Minecraft Windows 10 Edition. If they’re using Minecraft PC, no, I’m afraid it won’t work. With Minecraft Windows 10 Edition, people using Minecraft PE will be able to join using LAN or servers. This link can be used to upgrade Minecraft PC into Minecraft Windows 10 Edition:


    According to the official Minecraft wiki, cross-platform compatibility will be added in PC/MAC edition 1.14! This update is scheduled for late 2017


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