Can I start a game on one PC and continue on another?

In A Dark Room is it possible to start the game on one PC/browser and then continue it on another? Are there perhaps files I can copy from one machine to another to continue elsewhere?

Edit I’m using Firefox as my browser

  • How to keep saves automatically without import/export?
  • How to keep saves automatically without import/export?
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    As of October 2013, A Dark Room officially supports importing and exporting saved games. There is a save link in the bottom right corner that will let you copy or paste your current game state as a base64-encoded string:

    enter image description here

    No more need to mess with the console! Just copy and paste away!

    A Dark Room uses localStorage for saving, so these steps will work in all browsers:

    1. Open the JavaScript console. If you don’t know how, see this post on Webmasters.
    2. To save, type


      in the console and copy the output. (It will be VERY long. Important: Remember not to copy the quotation marks at the beginning and end!) This is now your save string.

    3. To load a saved game, first type

      var storage = 

      and then paste your save string. Then, paste this into the console:

      for (var x in storage) { localStorage.setItem(x, storage[x]); }

    Ok i have looked up how to copy your profile on firefox. Make sure you can see hidden files and folders. Then in the appdata in the users map something like (c:\users\’yourname’\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\firefox) you find a profiles map. You can try to copy this when you finished with the game and paste it on another PC to continue. I am not sure this works but the game is most probably storing stuff through php sessions which end up in the cookies file.

    You could also go deeper into the map structure and just copy the cookies file. I found cookies.sqlite. There are also extensions to import and export cookies like this one:

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