Can I safely uninstall games purchased from Steam?

Can I uninstall purchased games from my computer and then later download them through Steam without having to re-purchase if I’d like to?

I’m running short on space on my laptop, looking to free up some space and wanted to be sure that I can safely re-download anything at a later time similar to how you can with the Xbox Live marketplace.

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    Yes, games linked to your Steam account can be installed / uninstalled at will.

    There are some rare exceptions where a game has additional DRM that limits the number of times you can install – but this should always be noted on the game’s store page (the first example I’ve found is Dead Space 2, check the wall of capitalised text carefully to see what I mean) and there is often a way to “reclaim” those installs before you uninstall the game. So check the Store page for each game before you uninstall if this is a concern.

    When you want to reinstall:
    On your game list, if you switch to the “All Games” view you will find all the games you have linked to your account. Those that are not currently installed will be greyed out, and from here you can select for them to be downloaded and installed.

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